Founded in 2001, Dorchester evolved over the years from an earlier focus on multi-strategy, multi-manager vehicles to focus on credit and credit secondaries due to outperformance among credit allocations, market opportunities and client demand.

Our strategies

Dorchester invests on a primary and secondary market basis in Limited and General Partner interests of public and private credit and other funds, as well as in less-liquid securities and direct assets. Dorchester is among the earliest firms to participate in size and with dedicated vehicles in the credit secondary market.

Dorchester’s history as a multi-manager fund with notable credit expertise, and Dorchester’s current vantage point among credit secondary transactions, come together to provide uncommon insights into markets, managers, funds, strategies, asset classes, securities, due diligence, and investment monitoring, including, in many instances, the ability to triangulate information.

The firm’s strategies include the following:

Credit Secondaries

Since 2008, Dorchester Capital Advisors is a liquidity provider to Limited Partners, General Partners, and asset owners in all asset classes though primarily public and private credit. Dorchester invest in credit secondaries sourced through three distinct channels: public and private credit funds, other funds with credit and credit-like exposures, and credit special purpose vehicles. The credit secondaries market extends beyond private credit opportunities, is larger than generally perceived, continues to grow, and remains a highly inefficient market.

Credit Opportunities

Since 2012, Dorchester manages a dedicated credit opportunities strategy that takes an agnostic approach to invest in credit and credit-related investments directly or with external credit partners in customized SMA’s, co-investments, or commingled vehicles, both on primary and secondary basis. The credit opportunities strategy provides institutional investors a “Credit Solution” with diversified and dynamic credit exposures across public and private market credit investments.