Our Strategies

Founded in 2001, Dorchester is a multi-disciplinary asset manager that primarily invests among alternative assets and strategies across the liquidity spectrum, from daily liquidity to multi-year lock-up investment vehicles.  

In addition to making direct investments in hedge funds, private equity funds, and co-investments, Dorchester is among the earliest and most active participants in the secondary market for hedge fund LP interests, as well as the underlying assets that may have extended a funds’ duration.

The firm’s strategies include the following:

Since 2008, Dorchester Capital Secondaries is a liquidity provider to limited partners, general partners, and asset owners in all asset classes.  Dorchester has a broad mandate to buy Limited Partnership interests in primary and secondary markets, as well as to work with General Partners to restructure their investments vehicles, and to buy the underlying assets directly.

Please click here for more information regarding Dorchester’s approach to secondaries.

Since 2012, Dorchester Credit Opportunities is a multi-manager and direct investment strategy focused on credit and credit-related hedge, private equity and special opportunity funds, and investments.

Our Credit Opportunities strategy offers opportunistic, dynamic exposures by sourcing, monitoring and changing allocations among credit-oriented hedge, private equity, and special opportunity funds including closed funds, niche strategies, and emerging talent. Allocations are often made with preferential terms and fees.

Since 2002, Dorchester Capital Partners is a multi-manager multi-strategy, focusing on allocations to, and occasionally seeding, hedge funds with Credit, Event Driven, Long-Short Equity, and Trading Strategies.

Dochester offers differentiated multi-strategy exposures with quarterly liquidity by sourcing, monitoring and timely changing hedge fund allocations according to market opportunities, and by accessing closed funds, niche strategies and emerging talent, often with preferential terms and fees.

Since 2006, Dorchester Multi-Asset Class Solution is a smart beta, long-short ETF strategy across 15 asset classes that seeks to replicate Dorchester’s multi-strategy, multi-manager flagship fund’s exposure, risk and performance, but with the possibility of daily liquidity.

Since 2006, Dorchester Capital Shared Opportunities is a private equity strategy, which allocates to private equity funds and co-investment opportunities with hedge fund and private equity managers.