Our Strategies

Founded in 2001, Dorchester invests on a primary and secondary market basis in Limited and General Partner interests of Hedge, Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture and other funds, as well as in less-liquid securities and direct assets.  Dorchester is among the earliest firms to participate in size and with dedicated vehicles in the secondary market for Hedge Fund LP interests. 

The firm’s strategies include the following:

Since 2008, Dorchester Capital Advisors is a liquidity provider to Limited Partners, General Partners, and asset owners in all asset classes.  Dorchester has a broad mandate to buy Limited Partnership interests in primary and secondary markets, as well as to work with General Partners to restructure their investments vehicles, and can buy the underlying assets directly.

Please click here for more information regarding Dorchester’s approach to secondaries.

Since 2012, Dorchester manages a dedicated credit opportunities strategy, which offers differentiated credit exposures and returns by sourcing and investing in credit opportunities directly, or through select managers and/or SMAs. By monitoring, and timely changing allocations according to market opportunities, the strategy, like all Dorchester funds, has return streams that compare favorably versus relative benchmarks, including direct investment indices.

Dorchester opportunistically co-invests with Hedge Funds, Credit Funds, and Private Equity Funds, sourced through both our primary and secondary platforms, across many asset classes and geographies.