Our Approach to Secondaries

Our secondary market activity includes

$2.5+ billion

NAV Acquired




Funds researched


Interests Transferred

Dorchester has a broad mandate to buy Limited Partnership interests in the primary and secondary market, to work with General Partners to restructure investment vehicles, and to directly acquire underlying less-liquid assets. We structure customized solutions that are sensitive to each counter-party’s specific circumstances.

Dorchester has purchased interests, securities, and assets across many asset classes, strategies, market capitalizations, industries, and geographies. Transaction sizes have ranged from less than $1 million to more than $200 million in purchase price.

If you are interested in exploring early liquidity for your portfolio, please contact Rob Johnson at +1 (310) 402-5081.

Assets & Strategies
Hedge fund side-pockets
Tail-end, gated, suspended funds
Illiquid & distressed credit funds
Private equity & venture capital
Infrastructure & real asset funds
Orphaned or esoteric assets
Transaction Structures
Single LP transactions
Portfolio solutions
Tender offers
Fund restructuring
Fund level financing
Direct asset purchases

Why work with Dorchester?

    • We value integrity in all we do
    • We value discretion
    • We are collaborative
    • We can provide customized liquidity solutions
    • We submit reliable bids
    • We strive to execute efficiently
    • We assist with transfers
    • We are an attractive substitute Limited Partner
    • We have a seasoned team
    • We have invested in well over 1,000 funds and our library includes 20 years of research on thousands of funds