Flexible Liquidity

For Limited Partners, General Partners, and Investors in Alternative Investment Funds and Direct Assets

Dorchester Capital Advisors, LLC (“Dorchester”) invests on a primary and secondary market basis in Limited and General Partner interests of Hedge, Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture and other funds, as well as less liquid securities and direct assets.

By monetizing less-liquid assets and portfolios, Dorchester  enables institutional investors to regain control of their capital, mission, and priorities.


Decades of Expertise in Alternative Investment Strategies

In the Fall of 2001, Dorchester was founded by two former Hedge Fund managers to manage their own and others capital in a multi-strategy Multi-manager fund and over time, in response to market conditions, investment opportunities and client needs, it evolved to create and manage other alternative asset investment products (e.g. credit focused Multi-manager fund, ERISA-only Multi-manager fund, early stage manager Multi-manager fund, Emerging Markets/Global focused Multi-manager fund, Separately Manages Accounts (“SMA”) and co-investment vehicles).

In response to market conditions in 2008, Dorchester was among the earliest firms to participate with dedicated vehicles and in size in the secondary market for Hedge Fund LP interests, but also including less-liquid, orphaned and esoteric assets, and co-investments with Hedge Fund and Private Equity managers. In essence, Dorchester “factors” LP interests and other less liquid assets for investors who prefer or need instant liquidity.

Dorchester benefits from more than two decades of investing in alternative assets and managers, as well as from a dedicated team with the requisite experience, insight, and sourcing network.

Since 2012, in response to investment opportunities and client needs, Dorchester manages a dedicated credit opportunities strategy, which offers differentiated credit exposures and returns by sourcing and investing in credit opportunities directly, or through select managers and/or SMAs. By monitoring, and timely changing allocations according to market regimes, Dorchester’s credit opportunities strategy has return streams that compare favorably versus  relative benchmarks, including direct investment indices.